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Our Scope of Services

Health Insurance

True Choice Services focuses on providing the most forward-thinking health care benefits options to companies and individuals. Our coverage options can be tailored to personal choice while easily controling costs. Individual policy advantanges are numerous for both employers and employees.

Dental Insurance

The second most often used benefit besides health insurance, dental insurance is a very appreciated item for employees. We can design a voluntary dental program for you and your employees and if you'd like to help pay part or all of the cost . . . that's up to you.

Long Term Care Insurance

Most people know of someone in their lives (grandparents or parents) who have needed the care of an Assisted Living Facility. What many people fail to recognize is that the costs to stay in one of these facilities can be $5000-$6000 PER MONTH. Make sure you and your employees are prepared for the future and able to make choices about long term care that are the best.

True Choice Services will design a program to fit all types of coverage needs. You can independently decide who can receive this benefit through your company based on who wants it, and make it tax deductible!

Long Term Disability Insurance

What is your most valuable asset? A house or business? Consider that without an income, our ability to maintain a standard of living becomes difficult.

The fact is that a person is much more likely to be disabled before age 65 than die. True Choice Services Long Term Disability Insurance options will make sure that you and your employees are properly covered in case of an untimely accident or illness. For a very low monthly cost, you can remove the burden long term disability puts on a company and make sure you and your employees, incomes are protected.

Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the best values in employee benefits! Low monthly individual costs will provide your entire company with basic coverage. Your employees will value this added benefit and will also appreciate not having to spend as much of their own money to cover their families at home.